Eloth start scripts for GMs


Create fast monster spawn

Spawn “Snake” every second (1000 ms) for 5 seconds:

!lua function fms(m, p, c) doSummonCreature(m, p, true, true) if (c > 1) then addEvent(fms, 1000, m, p, c-1) end end fms("Spider", getCreaturePosition(cid), 5)

Mass spawn around GOD:

!lua for i = 1, 20 do doSummonCreature("Spider", getCreaturePosition(cid), true, true) end

Spawn temple NPC

For FACC towns:

/s The Oracle

For PACC towns:

/s The Gatekeeper


Open Desert Quest

Create teleports that allow 20+ levels do quest solo without items:

!lua doCreateTeleport(1387, Position(32672, 32102, 8), Position(32647, 32092, 7)) doCreateTeleport(1387, Position(32672, 32070, 8), Position(32673, 32089, 8))

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